Dr. Nelman (KRN)

BWC- DOI must be within 1 Year Patient must be referred by another physician unless OK’d by KRN

MVA’S- Yes (Must be approved by KRN)


Medicaid- Portage: Must be a direct referral or ER

Summit- Refer to STH clinic 330.379.5986

Students- OK- check insurance

Children- Will see children of all ages

Overbook- DO NOT overbook without approval from KRN, Assistant or Secretary Robinson

ER- Should see the doctor on call unless ok’s by KRN

  • If not seen within 1 year use OPSN/OPSC (new) spot
  • Do not deviate from schedule template unless approved by KRN, Assistant or Secretary (Always document that approved)
  • Please be sure to check insurance list to make sure KRN is contracted
  • FEET- ONLY if it is a Fracture
  • If new patient is calling for a HIP ask where pain is (groin, buttock etc) If buttock pain refer to back doctor (North Coast 330.535.3396 CCI 330.668.4040)
  • If patient has had previous surgery on the body part they want to be seen for you must get operative reports and approval from KRN before scheduling an appointment.
  • The secretary will schedule all PO appointments & send information to the patient regarding surgery.