Virtual Implant Positioning by Arthrex

Virtual Implant Positioning by Arthrex

Common Problems in Implant Positioning

There are been significant advances in implant component materials and design. Despite this, improper positioning of a shoulder implant still can result in problems such as:

  • Scapular notching
  • A cranial tilt of the baseplate, which causes mechanical disadvantages
  • Perforation of the glenoid
  • Cement extravasation

During traditional shoulder arthroplasty, your surgeon will evaluate the CT images of the shoulder and visualize the correct position of the implant. Preoperative planning stops at this stage.

Virtual Implant Positioning by Arthrex

The VIP (Virtual Implant Positioning) system by Arthrex is a web-based system onto which patient data and CT scan images can be easily uploaded. No software needs to be downloaded. It allows your surgeon to accurately position the implant components utilizing planning software and guidance instrumentation when performing shoulder arthroplasty.

Once the data has been uploaded, your surgeon can choose from 3 options:

  • Plan Only
  • 3D Model
  • 5D Calibrator

Plan only: Based on the patient data, the VIP system generates detailed 2D and 3D images. Your surgeon can plan precise implant positioning using these images. The VIP system provides detailed information such as the native version and inclination to help with precise implant placement.

For increased accuracy in implant positioning, in addition to presurgical planning, a glenoid targeting device can be used. This is a calibrated device with 5 feet. The VIP system provides information regarding the exact placement of each of the 5 feet of the glenoid targeting device. The device allows the surgeon to accurately place the central pin of the shoulder implant.

3D model: In complex cases, 3D models can be created using the VIP system, which can be used intraoperatively. Your surgeon can palpate landmarks on the model while performing the surgery for a better understanding of your individual anatomy.

5D calibrator: This is the most powerful element of the VIP system. It functions almost like a 3D model. It allows for the positioning of the glenoid targeting feet to the appropriate depth for highly accurate implant positioning.

The VIP system is time efficient and accessible from anywhere. Proper positioning of the implant offered by the Virtual Implant Positioning System by Arthrex is the key to a well-functioning and long-lasting shoulder implant.